Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum

Mission Statement

To raise awareness and provide education regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer through community and national outreach programs, synergistic communications and an established health alliance with local, regional and national medical organizations and providers.

Our Values

These Values form the belief system of the Forum:

Integrity: We are good stewards of resources – fiscal resources, human resources and data/records. We are truthful with the people we work with.

Collaboration: We believe that the Forum is part of something bigger.

Inclusion: We believe in reaching out externally to the community and internally to our Board members, Advisory Boards and other partners.

Excellence: Whatever the Forum does, it will do well.

Respect and Dignity: We will treat all – patients, families, stakeholders and ourselves – with dignity and respect.

Holistic Approach: We are committed to treating men with cancer, not just treating the disease.

Service to the Community: We believe in making the community a better place to live by addressing unmet needs and providing quality services not offered by others.

Scientific: Our work is grounded in science, ensuring good decisions based on data rather than emotion.

Independence: Although we actively seek collaboration, our independence from large national groups and others enables us to be sharply focused on our mission.