Support Communities

Support Communities are vital to a man’s success in battling and overcoming cancer.

Contact information about area support groups may be found on our Connect page. 

Community of Professionals

Doctors, nurses, urologists, oncologists, radiologists, educators, navigators, counselors, researchers, and in-home assistants, technicians and caregivers.

Community of Family, Friends and Caregivers

Promoting the inclusion of the women and partners in the lives of prostate cancer patients as a major focus of the treatment experience is what differentiates the Forum from many other organizations. Women most often serve as the primary caregivers.

Community of Faith

Pastors, rabbis, imams, priests and spiritual leaders of all other communities of faith. Those who are not officially authorized or confirmed who provide encouragement and spiritual support during diagnosis, treatment and recovery make a huge positive difference. Faith Matters

Community of Survivors

Promoting the interaction among survivors is a top priority of the Forum. We find that survivors not only learn from each other after treatment, they help newly diagnosed men throughout their treatment and recovery journey. Keeping them engaged helps them and other men.

Navigator Initiative

To ensure patients and their families have full access to information and resources to support their successful treatment, the Forum is committed to providing access to a prostate cancer Navigator(s) to assist the patient in managing the course of his treatment.

Region's Only Full-time Prostate Cancer Patient Navigator

Mary Cleckler

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